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The architects Marco Pietrolucci and Paolo Pietrolucci are directors of the PIETROLUCCI STUDIO. Marco Pietrolucci has a PhD in Architectural and Urban Composition. In 2004 he was awarded his international Master's Degree in Urban Design Architecture / History / Design taught by Professor Francesco Cellini at Rome Tre University. From 2003 to 2010 he taught and carried out research at the IDEA Department of the Faculty of Architecture in Pescara (Director: Prof. Carmen Andriani). He also taught the Italian Programmes at two American Universities: Waterloo University directed by Prof. Lorenzo Pignatti and NorthWestern University.
He is director of the technical urban planning sector of Confedilizia di Roma e del Lazio where he coordinates a research team working on the renovation and enhancement of existing heritage.
He is also the director responsible for relations with companies and institutional agencies on behalf of Confedilizia di Roma e del Lazio. Apart from his teaching and research commitments he has a very dynamic professional studio in Rome focusing primarily on participation in International Design Competitions.
This activity has won him numerous awards as team leader and designer. In recent years his scientific, teaching and design work has focused on three main topics: the relationship between infrastructure and landscape, especially complex context issues (history-environment-social) and the need to develop strategies to base design in these related contexts; strategies aimed at converting the fabrics of modern cities bearing in mind the structuring role played by the design of open spaces and green systems; innovative urban renovation policies using national and regional programmes, especially the Piano Casa (House Plan).
Promotion and coordination activities regarding the "innovative urban renovation policies using national and regional programmes", were carried out by a Piano Casa team on behalf of Confedilizia di Roma e del Lazio. The team included the Atelier Jean Nouvel in Rome, Studio ABDR, Studio Ottonepignatti, 1AX Architetti Associati, Gruppo ENEA, and the ITACA Department of Rome Sapienza University. The team produced a varied and wide-ranging set of architectural and urban renovation options which the regulations of the new law could implement in Italy.
The book illustrating the work of the Piano Casa team is entitled "Guidelines for the implementation of Piano Casa". At the end of the book there are numerous examples of renovations in Europe which have already become part of our common heritage. These case studies have been reviewed in meetings and conferences with the technicians and mayors of several municipalities in the Lazio region. The teaching and research work in Pescara was also discussed during further meetings and discussion groups.



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